Looking after our planet comes naturally

It's important for you to know what we're doing to make sure we do our part to look after the environment.

Barber Healthcare is committed to the continuous management and reduction of our CO2 emissions and waste output through a number of initiatives, including:

  • The careful management of heat production and recycling during the manufacturing process.
  • Production of high quality products that reduce failure rates which, in turn, reduces waste.
  • All our packaging materials have a minimum recycled paper content of 80%.
  • Maximising freight routes including locating stock nearer the point of sale to reduce freight miles and the associated CO2 emissions.
  • Our Head Office uses 100% independently audited green energy produced only from wind and solar sources found here in the UK.
  • All promotional media is produced in digital format and only printed when absolutely necessary. (Where printing is required, we use 100% recycled papers and boards).

To receive comprehensive details of our enviromental policies and activities - available in digital format only to help save a tree! - click the link below.


Environmental PDF